Zentangle by Design

Original and unique designs,  inspired by anything and everything!


About Zentangle by Design

My Background

Since a child, I have always had a passion for art.  It was my favourite subject throughout school and continued into college where I studied it to 'A' level and though I never had the confidence to take my art any further it was always an enjoyable hobby of mine.

My career took me down the path of HR before I chose to stay at home and raise my growing family.  I later worked in retail and also in a primary school.  When my circumstances changed several years on, it was quite by chance that I stumbled across Mandala art.  I was fascinated by the fine detail and intricate patterns but found it too restricting so I began to play around with various ideas. 

I've also included over on my 'here's what I do'  page some of my other drawings and paintings - art has no limits right, so why not do a bit of whatever makes you smile?  Hope you enjoy taking a browse.

My Inspiration

After a lot of research I realised I had discovered the world of Zentangle® and became inspired.  By developing my own unique and original style, I began to incorporate patterns into objects, animals and flowers.   


All my designs are available to buy and I take on commissions if you have a particular theme in mind. If you would like to discuss your requirements or have any queries about placing an order, please message me on the enquiries page.

Thank you for visiting my website.